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Richard Stromberg started his career in photography as an "assistant" to Photographers. In June 1964 he got his first full time paycheck, he was paid $1.25 per hour which is $40 a week. Monthly rent was $45. He worked in various studios as an assistant.

When Richard went on his own as a freelancer, he never looked back!

He worked with photographers to create photos used for catalogs, advertising, in industry and architecture, fashion, theater and editorial pieces. He shared and maintained studios with other photographers through the late 1980s.

Richard started the Jane Addams Center/Hull House photography program in the fall of 1969, teaching classes in the evenings. During the day, Richard's other work included managing a television theater, still photography (primarily editorial), film production, video production, audio production and work in public schools. He also participated in the design and installation of 40 advanced technology classrooms at universities and consulted on the use of media in education.

Many of Richard's social documentary photography and editorial assignments focused on institutional racism in the City of Chicago and Cook County governments, exposing poverty and inequities.

The Jane Addams Center/Hull House photography program ended in the summer of 2002, when Hull House sold the building in which it was housed. Richard moved to Lincoln Avenue and created The Chicago Photography Center (CPC). Subsequently, he moved to the present location at 4001 N Ravenswood where the Chicago Photography Classes instruction has continued.

By the time he passed away in November 2014, Richard Stromberg  had devoted almost 50 years to teaching photography in Chicago and the Lakeview & Ravenswood communities.

Richard Stromberg's Chicago Photography Classes, Not Just a School – A Community Center Devoted To Teaching Photography.