Fall and Spring are the best times of the year for Chicago Photography Classes because it’s when we fulfill our promise to our Students.

Around here we say, “If you attend classes with us once a week for class and once a week for computer Lab – within nine months you will learn the skills required to be on the WithInSight Gallery walls.”

How can we say that! Because if you devote 10 hours a week every week for nine months, we have the exact curriculum that will lead you to your own “Artistic Center” and from there to the gallery walls. See for yourself the results of our curriculum and our unique culture that allows our students to flourish. Everyone in our Shows did all the work themselves in our facilities, they have made their archival prints on our printers and mounted their prints using our presses and cut the mats with our mat cutters and framed their work under our tutelage.

All of the Photographers in our Shows started with our Photo I classes. Their achievement is the result of their hard work and discipline and a culture that has fostered their development. If you put in the time and hard work you will be able to do the same. Our school started offering the instruction in 1969, first with film and now with Digital Photography.

Check out our classes starting with our Free 90 minute workshop held on Sundays at 12 PM (High Noon). All our classes are posted on our web site, If you work for it, you too can be in a show and exhibit in our gallery. Our classes will give you the foundation necessary to display your work anywhere in the real world. Read "Why We Print" and "Road To The Gallery Walls" on our website.

Become part of Chicago's photography community, where teachers, staff and Program participants are all students of photography. Our teachers teach as part of living a balanced life. A life that does not take more than it gives. A life that gives without remembering and takes without forgetting

Laughter Will Be Heard  &  Learning Will Occur  ;-)