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Serious teaching for people who are serious about Learning digital Photography

Our classes are the only non-university photography classes in Chicago that can give you the skills and experience you need to be on gallery walls. Photographs that are suitable for gallery walls are also suitable for inclusion in a photographer's portfolio. Showing portfolios is how photographers get work.

Don't Let The Big Windows and High Ceilings At Other Places Fool You...
It's What Happens In The Classroom That Counts

When you attend classes here, you will learn all of the skills necessary to pursue your life-long journey of photography. In addition to understanding their digital cameras, our students learn how to make archival exhibition prints, how to cut mats, and how to frame their prints. Also how to showcase, compose and light a gallery show.

All of these skills are taught in our "state-of-the-art" Labs, which include 10 archival inkjet printers, 65-inch plasma flat-panel displays. Our teacher-to-student ratio is the "industry leader" of one instructor for every four students. Our Lighting Studio includes all of the traditional lighting equipment, as well as the latest LED light technology. Our WithInSight Gallery utilizes 5,000K LED lights, which do not have the UV or IR radiation that can be so damaging to archivaly printed photographic prints. Because our programs are "student-centered," the proceeds of our print sales go entirely to the individual photographer, and our website gallery showcases our students' work at no charge to our photographers.

Our teachers have only one mission: To teach you everything you need to know about photography. So whether you want to make great pictures of your family, or if you want to try to make some money as a professional, you will have the foundation, knowledge and experience necessary to achieve your goals.

Start by attending one of our FREE 90-minute workshops held on select Saturdays and each Sunday starting at High Noon (12 PM). If you like what you learn, then try attending the first class of Photo I for FREE. If you like that class, then attend class two with your class fee (check or cash only), and your adventure begins.

All of the photographs on our website are students' work. If you like the photographs, remember, you could be there in less than a year. If you don't like the photographs, then come in and do better, also in less than a year.

Other art center's try to Impress you with what  they and others have done... We want to Impress - With what we will teach YOU to do ;-)

As always – Laughter Will Be Heard  &  Learning Will Occur. ;-)

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