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Why We Print

Ansel Adams, the great landscape photographer of the 20th Century, observed this: The negative is the score and the print is the performance. It would seem so – original Ansel Adams prints sell for upwards of $10,000 each.

We photograph to remember and to share with others those beautiful and precious moments we experience throughout our lives. From the time photography began in the 1800s and as Eastman Kodak brought photography to the masses 125 years ago, prints have been the primary way we've presented our images. Originally in black and white, later using color, prints became what we gave to each other, with the best images put on display on the walls of our homes and offices. For the most part, prints represent the final expression of the experience we share with others.

Showing their portfolio to potential customers is the traditional way for photographers to get work. Showing portfolios is still how photographers get work. But now, instead of carrying around a portfolio with prints, photographers may utilize websites and a hard drive or thumb drive to display their photographs. By participating in a photography show, your show prints become the start of your own portfolio. This portfolio is ongoing and lifelong. It's never really finished. Photographers add to their portfolio throughout their working lives.

With the "Digital Revolution," it is now possible for photographers to produce custom, archival-quality prints in their studios or homes that in the past were the providence of commercial labs. All of the photographers exhibiting in our WithInSight Gallery Shows have printed their own work in our Ravenswood facility, on our printers. These prints rival what is available from commercial labs.

When you attend classes here, you learn all aspects of photography, especially printing. We teach you how to make archival, exhibition-quality prints suitable for hanging on gallery walls and for sale to others who may put the prints on exhibit in their own homes or offices. You will also learn how to matte and frame your work. We will teach you everything you need to know about printing and showing your work. You will be prepared to continue printing at home on printers you will be able to afford and use. When you attend classes here, you can expect to learn everything you need to know to reach this level of printing proficiency within a year of the date you start Photo 1.


Other art centers try to Impress you with what  they and others have done...
We want to Impress - With what we will teach YOU to do ;-)