Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much of my time should I expect to dedicate to classes?
2. How much do classes cost?
3. What do I do if...?
4. How serious are we about teaching?
5. Where can I purchase camera equipment?
6. What about free parking?
7. How large are the classes?
8. What kind of digital camera do I need?
9. Will I learn everything about each of the menu items on my camera?
10. What kind of computer do I need?
11. Can I use the computer lab anytime I want?
12. Can I print anything I want in the lab?
13. Do you offer film instruction and have a darkroom?
14. What kind of medium format camera do I need?
15. Who was Richard Stromberg?
16. Do you offer gift certificates?
17. What about personalized instruction or tutoring?