Women’s Photography Forum

Join the Women’s Photography Forum in the third week of each month for a wide ranging discussion about photography.  This self-directed group will set the agenda for each discussion, research the topic and make the presentation to the group.  Any photographic related subject can be brought to the group for consideration.  Support by Chicago Photography Classes includes the meeting space and the initial organization.  The Women’s Photography Forum members will decide how to structure the group and within what parameters it will operate.  Outside subject matter specialists can be arranged as needed in coordination with Chicago Photography Classes.

Please join with us to continue exploring the wide world of photography with like-minded sisters.  Bring ideas, questions and your passion for photography.  Be part of the Chicago Photography Classes community. 

During 2019, our meetings are scheduled for:

March 18, Monday

April 15, Monday

May 21, Tuesday

June 18, Tuesday

July 15, Monday

August 19, Monday

September 16, Monday

October 21, Monday

November 18, Monday

December 16, Monday



Women's Photography Forum

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