Out of Chicago Live! 2022 – March 11th-13th

It is a pleasure and an honor to be invited to teach at this year’s Out of Chicago Live! online conference this year.  When I have taught at their conferences before, I have lectured on Lightroom, Luminar and liquid photography.  This year, I am focusing on Macro Photography.  I have already presented the first part of my macro photo challenge, which if you missed it, can be found here (Free): “What’s In Your Kitchen – A Macro Photography Challenge” (you’ll get a laugh from my outfit!) and will be teaching another Macro Photography class on Saturday, March 12th 4 pm – 5:30 pm.  I would love to have you join me for this introduction to macro photography, however…with over 60 OTHER instructors teaching a variety of topics, there is certainly something for everyone.  I want to share some of the other inspiring instructors at this conference that you’ll want to check out!


Kah-Wai Lin


In his presentation, Dr. Kah-Wai Lin will tell you about the pro tips in seeing the unseen and crafting better images in landscape photography: how to use the lights to create visual emotion; how to use long exposure to create visual dynamism; how to use field of vision to create visual perspective; and how to use composition to create visual continuity and story.

Jennifer King


Dive in to a fine art approach to black and white photography through visualization and light. She will talk about how to approach your subject differently, to see light and shadow as you refine your composition and provide techniques to help you find your inner artist.

Tony Baldasaro


During this presentation, Tony will be sharing tips and tricks for both landscape and wild bird photography, how one can take their experience in landscape photography to become a wild bird photographer, and how expanding one’s repertoire helps to improve one’s overall work as a photographer.

Soli Kanani


 Soni will share how she plans a dark and moody food scene, how she sets it up, what type of artificial light she uses, how she controls and modifies it, and how she edits the image. During the session, Soni will also share some tips and tricks that she used when creating some of her images. After this session, you’ll know everything you need to capture your own dark and moody food photo!

Anne Belmont


LOCAL FAVORITE!!! – The presentation will include: – Use of simplicity and elimination of distracting elements, allowing your flower to be the star of the show. – Simple steps to further enhance and draw the eye to your main subject. – Controlling backgrounds in-camera and improving what you have in post. – Adding a texture to enhance your image. – Working with black backgrounds. – Using tools in Lightroom and in DXO Nik software to add light, vignettes, blur backgrounds, and pull out detail.

Greg Benz


Luminosity masks give you control in Photoshop to make much more natural masks and selections from the content of your image. They can be used for help extract more color and detail from your images through exposure blending, add depth and dimension through dodging and burning, and a wide variety of other ways to create gorgeous images. In this session, you’ll learn the basics to start immediately using them in your own work and explore this powerful post-processing technique. Greg will be working with his Lumenzia luminosity masking panel for Photoshop, as well as provide free resources to create luminosity masks if you do not have Lumenzia.

Angie McMonigal


CPC INSTRUCTOR & LOCAL FAVORITE!! – Join Angie for a discussion focusing on creative approaches to architectural subjects. Emphasis will be on architectural details and creating abstracts of the built environment. She’ll share how to uncover creative viewpoints and how to best utilize compositional tools to create more compelling images.

Elia Locardi