7-Week Macro/Close-Up Photography Class


Enjoy Macro/Close-up photography without spending a lot of money on equipment.


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Enjoy Macro/Close-up photography without spending a lot of money on equipment.

This class is taught twice annually. The flexibility of the class allows for instruction and assignments to be tailored for each student’s individual needs and level of experience.

The Macro/Close-Up class will take four or five hours of your time, each week, for seven weeks. This includes about two hours of lecture/class time, and two to three hours for planning and shooting your assignments. Each class will have a lecture by the instructor with a relevant shooting assignment for the next class. Shooting assignments may be completed at any location.

At the first class, we will demonstrate that it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to enjoy Macro/Close-Up Photography. We will show the different equipment available including close up magnifying filters, lens-reversing ring, extension tubes and macro lenses.

You will also need a tripod (if you don’t have one, we have tripods to loan).

Starting with the second class, there will be group critiques of each student’s assignment.

For one of the classes, we will have a hands-on shooting workshop on location at the Field Museum.

Students need to bring their camera and a notepad to class every week. You may use either a digital camera (DSLR) or a 35mm film camera (SLR). You are required to shoot not less than 36 images with a digital camera. If you are using film, you will shoot one 36-exposure roll of slide film each week and have it processed in time for the next week’s critique.

Class Info

Class Length

7 weeks

Class Size

Limit of 10 students


Photo II


4-5 hours of time each week


Rick Katz


4001 N. Ravenswood Ave.
First Floor
Chicago, IL 60613


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