Basic Law for Photographers with Matthew Gallagher



September 19 – Taking Photos: Where and what can I shoot?

Is it OK for me to take a picture of that airport? What about that couple walking down the sidewalk across the street, or my neighbor’s house? Learn the basics of the law on where you can take pictures, what you can take pictures of, and how you can use them. We will also touch on the regulation of the use of drones in photography and videography.

October 17 – Using Photos: Basic Copyright Law for Photographers

How can I protect my images from getting stolen and used by others? What rights do I have when I take a picture? What do I do when I find my picture used by others without permission? Join us for an introduction to US copyright law as it applies to photos and videos. We will discuss the basics of the law, various methods of asserting your rights to your imagery, and what to do when you find your pictures or videos used without your permission.

Meet Matthew:

Matt Gallagher is a lawyer in Chicago. He is a member of the CPC community and an avid wildlife and sports photographer with an emphasis on sailing imagery. He is a licensed drone pilot in the US, UK and France and an active sailboat racer.

Keynote Length: 1 hour


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