Off-Camera Flash Class (HP)


Enjoy Flash photography by learning to control the light of the “little” sun.

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November 6th (Wednesday) 10:30 AM (The Art Center, Highland Park)


Learn to use off-camera flash to create the lighting you desire.

The Off Camera Flash Class is part of the investigation of using artificial light to create the scenes and shadows desired for photography, both in the studio and under the sun.
The class will learn the technical aspects of flash and camera interaction in addition to how to shape the brief, bright light created by the off-camera flash.  Use of the off-camera flash in conjunction with the on-camera flash plus using multiple flashes is examined.  Each class uses a combination of lecture and in-class practice to re-enforce the learning.  Assignments then have students practice the lesson on their own.
The interaction of flash with other lighting is discussed.  Use of light shaping flash attachments (diffusers, softboxes, snoots and projectors) is demonstrated and practiced.  White balance and the use of color correcting gels is included to round out the flash instruction.
During the classes, there are opportunities to have models posing with the student’s having to produce a series of images creating specified lighting, shadows and poses.

Students need to bring their camera and a notepad to class every week. You may use either a digital camera (DSLR/Mirrorless) or a 35mm film camera (SLR). Assignments require not less than 36 images with a specified number of images submitted prior to class for in class critique.

Class Info

Class Length

7 weeks

Class Size

Limit of 12 students


Photo II


4-5 hours of time each week


Rick Katz


The Art Center – Highland Park

1957 Sheridan Road

Highland Park, IL 60035



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