Portfolio Review



If you’re developing as an artist and are passionate about photography 
David Joel’s Portfolio Review can help you assess your stage of creative development.
Portfolio Review looks at your imagery as a whole to ask the following kinds of questions:
Does your work have a definable style? 
Does your work have a consistent technical quality?
Does your work illustrate visual ideas which are taken in creative or unique directions?
And just as importantly David discusses with each photographer:
What’s next for you? What content areas or creative challenges might you consider to further your development as an artist?
Portfolio review workshops are limited to 5 people. Please bring no more than 10 photos- electronic or hard copy.
Choose not only your ‘best’ images but also those you feel most represent a developing style
or interest in a specific visual content area.
DAVID JOEL is a long time career professional photographer with a wide clientele of corporations, institutions, 
non-profits, and photo stock agencies. He has been a friend of RCPC for years and in his spare time has conducted numerous critiques
and business workshops. He has also conducted many dozens of portfolio reviews.Port


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