Student Meet-Ups




Join CPC’s Students as they photograph what they love to capture.  These meet-ups are not created for instructional purposes but for simply hanging out and photographing together as a community.  Early mornings to late nights, macro to architecture…it’s up to what the lead student would like to photograph.
Locations will be sent to registered participants.

Upcoming Meetup:

Come join in on the fun of photographing fireworks! We will have a few occasions throughout the summer months on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The fireworks go off near Navy Pier, but we will vary the locations  from which we shoot, and therefore, the foregrounds and backgrounds.

Please sign up to be on the list if you would like to be notified by email the location and meeting time of each meeting.

Required: camera, lens (widest aperture and ranging in distance from 24 with city skyline to 100 for more focused on fireworks), tripod, remote shutter release, headlamp with red light or small flashlight or phone light.
In advance, please read up on tips for photographing fireworks so you can be relatively prepared with general knowledge and know how to adjust your camera settings appropriately. Because it will be dark, it will be easier if you can get your beginning camera setup prepared in advance. Once there, we will talk about strategies for additional shots and adjustments to make but the fireworks do not last but a few minutes so it is best to be prepared in advance. For each location, we will send more specific tips when we announce the meeting point.
We hope you will join us for the fun fireworks opportunities!
Please register to be on the notification list!
Student Hosts: Judy, Junko, and Patty.
Meet-Up Lenght: about 2 hours
Info & Suggested Gear: Will be emailed once registered


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