Student Meet-Ups




Join CPC’s Students as they photograph what they love to capture.  These meet-ups are not created for instructional purposes but for simply hanging out and photographing together as a community.  Early mornings to late nights, macro to architecture…it’s up to what the lead student would like to photograph.

Locations will be sent to registered participants.

PLEASE: Register if you want to be on the email contact list for whenever there is weather conducive to winter photography as we cannot predict yet when it might be best. For this month, we know that this unpredictability means you may also have to make a last minute decision about your ability to participate. 


Upcoming Meetup:

  • January and February: Ice, Snow, and Frozen Stillness: Lake Michigan    /  Wintery Chicago and the Frozen River
    Our January and February Student Meetups will focus on Lake Michigan in Winter: Ice, Snow, and Frozen Stillness and on Wintery Chicago and the Frozen River. Because these are weather dependent, we will not be able to announce specific dates and locations yet, but they will possibly be on Sundays January 9, 23, February 6 — or whenever the weather decides it’s the right time.
  • Fellow student Cynthia Harris is anticipated to be the leader of the Lake Michigan meetup. But again, it’s dependent on the combination of weather and student leader availability.
    To plan ahead:
  • Clothing needs: We suggest warm base layers for top and bottom, and have found that the company 32 Degrees has great prices at the moment, mostly under $10 per item. We also suggest warm socks, winter boots, photographer’s gloves (or the Nick Sinnott Modified versions of cheap gloves with index finger tip cut off) with warmer gloves or mittens over them for when you are not photographing,  etc. We were also able to find cheaper “used/returned/opened box” crampons on Amazon for about $10 to put over our hiking boots to keep ourselves as steady as possible while walking on icy patches. If you have rain pants to wear over your warmest pants or you happen to have snow pants, those will be helpful as well because you will be able to sit in the snow without getting too wet. Those “hot hands” and “hot toes” warmers are also useful and available in drug stores and warehouse stores like Costco.
  • Photography Gear: depending on your affinity for and skill in photographing in winter weather, you may wish to bring along a range of equipment. But I know some of us prefer to keep things simple when trying to stay upright and warm: one camera, one mid-range lens, tripod.
    If you want to read and prepare for this excursion, some helpful sites include:
    “13 Snow Photography Tips: A Beginner’s Guide”
    “Get Ready for Winter Photography”
    “10 Best Winter Photography Tips for Shooting Outdoors”
    … and much more you can readily find online. Being prepared is especially important because being outside in frigid weather means you will want to be able to maximize your decision-making time.
    If you plan to join us, please do register and we will keep you informed on the exact date, time, and location. Meanwhile, be prepared to stay warm and have fun!


NOTE: These meet-ups have limited participants.

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Meet-Up Lenght: about 2 hours
Info & Suggested Gear: Will be emailed once registered