Ultimate Workflow Class

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7-Week Post-Processing Class

Now Offering An 6-Week Online Option!

Welcome to the Ultimate Workflow Class, where you will learn an efficient path to edit any photograph.  From importing to the finished print, we will be teaching how to use a combination of Lightroom Classic, Photoshop 2021 and Luminar AI.

COVID-19 Guarantee: If you register for the In-Studio Class and the class does not occur due to COVID-19 Metrics and/or Tier Mitigations, you may choose to transfer your registration to the next In-Studio Session or transfer to the Online Option.  If there is a price difference between the two, you will be refunded the difference.

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March 7th, 10:00 AM (Sunday) IN-STUDIO
March 11th, 6:00 PM (Thursdays) ONLINE


Welcome to the Ultimate Workflow Class, where you will learn an efficient path to edit any photograph.  From importing to the finished print, we will be teaching how to use a combination of Lightroom Classic, Photoshop 2021 and Luminar AI.

Class Details

Class Length:

7-Weeks (6-Weeks Online), 2/3 Hours Per Class.  Every class will be recorded and made available to the students for review.

Times & Instructor:

Thursday 6:00 PM Online: Federica Ghidelli

Sunday 5:00 PM: Federica Ghidelli

Class Outline:

Week 1: Lightroom – Organizational Tools

Week 2: Lightroom – Advanced RAW Editing & Introduction to Photoshop

Week 3: Photoshop Editing Tools

Week 4: Luminar AI: Essentials

Week 5: Luminar AI: Creative, Pro, and Portrait

Week 6: Photoshop: Resizing & Sharpening

Week 7: Work review and printing


Students must have completed Photo II or have permission from the instructor.

Materials Required:

Please arrive at the first class with your Lightroom Catalog on an external drive or on your laptop.  We will provide 6 PC Computers and 4 iMacs in our Lab.  You are welcome to use your own laptop computer that has the latest versions of Lr, Ps2021, and Luminar AI.

7 reviews for Ultimate Workflow Class

  1. Nick Sinnott


  2. John Marcheschi

    I recently took the ultimate workflow class and thought it was great. I have used Lightroom for years but so I was surprised about the number of new insights I had with respect to Lightroom. Luminar is an interesting tool with some amazing features. But without the class I don’t think I would have ever figured out how to use all these tools effectively together. The class is well thought out and really insightful. I would highly recommend the class and hope that the school develops some follow on classes for more advanced processing with the workflow.

  3. Susan Olsen

    I loved everything about this class. Zoom was great…the next best thing to being there. I had a good knowledge about Lr, but I was weak in Ps and Luminar 4. No worries, this was reviewed in the class and repeatedly gone over. Nick presents the material logically and slowly so everyone had an opportunity to think about what they are doing and you have sufficient time to ask questions. Everyone’s questions were important and everyone was treated special. I can’t believe how much my editing skills improved. Without hesitation I would highly recommend this class to anyone who wanted to improve their post-processing skills.

  4. Steven Jungerwirth

    I signed up for the on-line Ultimate Workflow Class with two points of hesitation: Would the on-line format work? . . . and . . . How could they possibly cover three complex programs in 6 weeks?

    Really happy I took the class! The on-line experience was flawless; with an extra advantage of enabling students to work on images at home on their desktop – while Nick demonstrated via Zoom. Plus – no commute or hunt for parking!

    The class reviews highlights of Lightroom and Photoshop; then spends the bulk of the time in Luminar. Luminar is a powerful new program with many of the Photoshop benefits (think layers!) in a faster/simpler/more intuitive format.

    You’ll leave the class with a workflow for post-processing (When to use each program? How to sequence edits? How to ensure the three applications play nicely together?).

    I learned new/practical stuff in every class – highly recommend for individuals who have been using Lightroom/Photoshop – and have started exploring Luminar. It will change how you edit!

  5. Joel Jastromb

    Federica is an excellent instructor with consummate knowledge of how to incorporate LR, PS and Luminar into a workflow that can be used as taught or.customized according to one’s preferences. First rate course.

  6. D.W. Johnson

    Ultimate Workflow is an exceptionally well-designed course. It weaves Lightroom, Photoshop and Luminar into a very thoughtful workflow – taking advantage of the best of each application. Federica Ghidelli has a great teaching style, and the on-line format works well.

  7. Mark Zumbach

    Prior to taking this class i had a basic level of knowledge in Lightroom and Luminar, and no Photoshop experience. The segment on how to import and manage folders and use of keywords is a very useful starting point. The course significantly increased my understanding of all three programs and when to use each or a combination of all three. The online format works well. Highly recommend the course.

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