Richard's Roundtable

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Many upper level students have taken most of the classes at the school, but they still wish to be involved in the community, while looking for opportunities to shoot and practice.
This 7-week event will be open to a small number of students (right now limited to 6). This group will print, display their work and receive peer critique.
The moderator will be a CPC instructor, rotating every session. The moderator will answer questions and guide the peer critique.
For the May 2021 session the moderator will be Wendy Love.
This group was inspired by memories of the founder Richard Stromberg, sitting at the table and discussing prints with the students.
The group will be required to
– shoot photos weekly (even different subjects)
– print a max of 3 13×19 photos on paper of their choice
– come to the school for share & critique
requirements: photo I, photo II and photo III.
Class Length: 7-Weeks
Class Options: In-Person
Meeting Duration: 1.5 hours
Paper of your choice required to print


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