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This 7-week class introduces photographers to street photography, giving students an overview of the history of street photography and what it is/isn’t, as well as touching on the myriad different expressions of the genre.  This class will delve into the skills and techniques required to capture those magical instants and how to craft compelling visual narratives.

  • This class is designed for anyone interested in learning street photography and those wanting to hone and expand their skills – even those who feel intimated by the genre or don’t know where to start will learn to find their passion and gain the confidence to shoot out in the street! All you need is an open mind, a sense of curiosity, a desire to learn, and a passion for capturing authentic stories and moments through your lens.
  • This comprehensive class combines lectures, critiques (of students’ work), hands-on shooting, and guest speakers. Each week will focus on a new aspect and type of street photography and will cover basics such as equipment, settings, dos and don’ts, post-processing, and more of the essential nuances of the genre.
  • Students will put their new knowledge into practice each week, sharing their photos (from focused assignments) with the rest of the class for review to better understand what they are doing well and where their areas of opportunity are for improvement and further growth of their street photographic style.

Street photography is so powerful due to its ability to capture raw emotions, fleeting gestures, and unfiltered expressions – this sets it apart as a remarkable art form. We’ll learn to master that together in this class.

By the end of the course, students will have a good grasp of the genre, gain confidence, and be on their way to developing their voice and style!

Class Length: 7 Weeks
Class Option: In-Person
Lecture Duration: 3 Hours
Required: Completed Photo II or receive approval from instructor.
Extra Info: Class will have a practical application at a different location Week 6.

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    This is a Must Take Class

    If you’re considering taking this class, don’t hesitate—just do it! Erica’s teaching style is incredibly engaging; she expertly navigates through various street photography genres and introduces you to influential photographers over the course of the class. I particularly appreciated her approach of challenging us to emulate these artists in our assignments, which not only taught their techniques but also encouraged us to experiment with how to implement them in our photographs, but with our spin on them. I gained invaluable insights from this experience. Erica’s deep knowledge and genuine dedication to her students shine through her meticulous critiques and unwavering support as we learn the in’s and out’s of street photography. Thanks to her class, I’ve discovered a newfound passion for fine art street photography and I can’t wait to continue experimenting in this genre!

    June 30, 2024

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