Art of Composition II


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The Art of Composition 2 is a 7-week course that builds upon previously established concepts via weekly assignments and critiques. We will continue to use Dynamic Symmetry as a foundation, focus on artistic intent, process, and study the work of photographers whose work exemplifies compositional unity. The course is not limited to a specific genre but rather the pursuit of exceptional photography.

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Topics to be covered include:

• How to read a photograph and understand visual hierarchies
• Intent and Process: cultivating awareness when composing in the field and selecting your best photos from a shoot

• A review and extended exploration of Dynamic Symmetry and an introduction to other templates

• “The best camera is the one you have with you.”:
• Photography as a daily act to reinforce composition skills including the use of smartphone cameras

• The three basic shapes you should master
• The power of gesture, motion, and color

• The Zone System: learning to see in grayscale
• Color Proportions and the relative brightness of colors
• Luminosity and color masking in Lightroom

• Design principles from the world of cinema
• Composing in widescreen aspect ratios such as 16:9 and 2.35:1 (Cinemascope)

• Complexity vs simplicity
• Free form cropping and dynamic symmetry
• Stylistic choices based on contrast strengths, texture, and camera blur


New students are advised to take Art of Composition 1 as a prerequisite. In addition, a working knowledge of Adobe Lightroom Classic is highly recommended comparable to having completed Photo 1.


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