Visual Strategies



This course, open to all skill levels, introduces a variety of visual strategies that can be applied towards personal work. Through weekly readings, critiques, and lectures that encourage artistic self-growth, reflections on the nature of photography, and compositional techniques, students will be inspired to make better photos and move beyond the uncertainty they feel when evaluating images.

The course may serve as a primer for students new to the Art of Composition courses and provide a fresh set of tools for those that have gone through the sequence. Creating work to present for critique in a supportive classroom environment is at the heart of the course serving also as a discovery and testing ground towards the development of a highly personal body of work.

A course-long emphasis on the development of personal style and projects will be complemented by a survey of photo books that have influenced the trajectory of the medium. The photo book has become one of the most important vehicles of photography beyond the world of gallery exhibitions. Students will be introduced to the conceptualization, capturing, and sequencing of such material in order to inspire a holistic, photographic process.

Class Length: 7 Weeks
Class Options: In-Person
Lecture Duration: About 3 Hours with Break
Provided Material: Lecture Slides & Readings


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