Nick Sinnott
Nick Sinnott is the Owner and Director at Richard Stromberg’s Chicago Photography Classes. He has taught all levels of photography for 8 years and has written the curriculum for several classes including the popular Drips, Drops and Illusions Workshop and Lightroom In-Depth 7-week Class. As a photographer, he enjoys photographing landscapes, sports, architecture, real estate and his family of 4 children and amazing wife.

Federica Ghidelli
Director / Instructor
Federica Ghidelli grew up in Italy and moved to Chicago in 2013 and started pursuing her passion for photography. Today she is an international award winning fine art photographer and a proud instructor at RSCPC. "All the people and students I met in these years at the school made me the person and the artist I am today".
Rick Katz
Director Emeritus / Instructor
Rick Katz, Director Emeritus at Chicago Photography Classes, has been teaching photography since 2003. He has developed many of the classes used at Chicago Photography Classes and enjoys teaching. In prior careers, there were many opportunities to photograph unique locations and events. Situations were often a challenge but it always came down to the use of light to create a mood and the composition. While his favorite subject is nature, particularly the American Southwest and its National and State parks, recently he began exploring both portraiture and black and white photography. Both are significantly different from outdoor photography. Rick especially enjoys leading the various photo safari trips each year, where students get to enjoy travel, scenery and also practice their craft.
Danny Howard
Instructor / Lab Coordinator
I have been a teacher for 26 years, I have been an artist for 36 years. By day or night I am either a drummer or photographer. Occasionally both. I seem to have a passion for creating things. My love of travel and exploration have been expanded due to being able to work with both my passions. Growing up in the UK, then moving to Chicago in August 2008, the world has become a place to play in. Currently I teach Photo I & Photo II at RSCPC as well as being the Lab Coordinator for staff and students alike for Adobe Lightroom. I also teach percussion in the Chicago area. You are just as likely to catch me playing drums and percussion with my own band Contrabanda, or in an abandoned building photographing its history. Nominated for a Grammy in 2016 with the New Budapest Orpheum Society I have been able to travel with music and that in turn has allowed me to take pictures where I have gone. Being an Artist in Residence at the University of Chicago with this ensemble has enriched my life. I also enjoy running International Photography Trips to Off the Beaten Track places. Come along for the ride!
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Denise Orlin
Denise has been involved in professional photography for the past 25 years working as a studio manager for two commercial photographers, studying at Harrington College of Design and at RSCPC, taking pictures, and teaching Photo 1 and 2. As a former student, Denise has a special appreciation for the learning environment and the supportive community at RSCPC. She is involved in the Women’s Roundtable and volunteers with Fresh Lens. Denise’s photographic focus is on Fine Art Photography. She is always looking to capture an emotion-evoking moment in time. Denise searches for images of beauty, symmetry, and irony in everyday life in nature and society. She especially likes to take her camera to abandoned buildings, on nature walks, and on the road in her travels.
Jeff Silva
As an artist I seek to better understand and share my slice of reality with others in hopes that we may all be inspired by the transformational power of art. I never considered hiking at 4am in the dark at 10,000 ft. of elevation with a loaded backpack and tripod until I realized the joy and power of the camera— photography is a funny muse! Whether through landscapes, cityscapes, or studio projects I have worked hard at honing my vision. I am proud to be an instructor at R.S. Chicago Photography School where I teach Lightroom In-Depth and a Photo 1 Lab.
Angie McMonigal
Angie moved to Chicago more than 15 years ago and has been exploring the city with her camera ever since. Raised in a small town in Wisconsin, she approaches the urban environment with the spirit of someone who grew up surrounded by nature, finding moments of meditative calm in terrain that is always transforming. Focusing more frequently on bold architectural details rather than sweeping cityscapes, her photographs celebrate those unexpectedly iconic elements hiding in plain sight. An award-winning fine art photographer, Angie’s work has been internationally exhibited and published. She frequently works with art consultants, designers, architectural firms, and private collectors.
Dominica Wasilewska Fisher
As one of the Photo 3 teachers here, it is very exciting for me to guide students through their first 7 week project. I am always moved by the creativity of the folks that find their way into my class. I believe images have the power to inspire, bring joy, call to action, take you back, or take you inward and make you think. I found the art of photography after I left the theater world to focus on my family. As an artist, photography has driven my passion to continue to create. I believe my background helps me to capture and design the fine balance between story and art.
Jim Welninski
Jim is a Chicago native and has been an artist and teacher his entire life. He spent 25 years working in media production as a video editor, animator, sound engineer, writer, and producer. He was on the front lines for the digital revolution in that industry, witnessing million-dollar control rooms replaced by a few computers. It was here, way back in 1994, that he first began his 20-plus year love affair with Photoshop. After leaving that field in an effort to maintain his sanity, he returned to his first artistic love, the camera. An international award-winning photographer, Jim has a real passion for teaching and he brings the entirety of his life as an artist into the classroom, where his classes and workshops are consistently popular. He teaches Photo III, Photoshop I and II, Black and White Artistry, and Post Processing Mastery. He also runs several workshops every year, has a strong presence as a photography educator on the web, and is a creative partner at ON1. The focus of Jim’s teaching is the inner development of the photographer as an artist. He consistently and gently challenges students to reach inside and find their own artistic voice.
Nenad Spasjevic
As far back as I can remember, there was always that creative spark that kept me going. That creative obsession was shaping itself through a few different outlets over time and it has never stop evolving. Photography has enhanced the way I look at things, it has made me more finely attuned to the ever - changing interaction of patterns and shapes, light and shadows, drama and subtlety - therefore I'm always looking for new ways to capture the environment around me. I strongly believe that a great photograph is not merely documenting the scene at hand, rather it is about fusing the essential vision of the artist with the subject.
Gary Forcier
As a retired physician and former Associate Professor at the Loyola School of Medicine, I’m thrilled to be able to combine my two passions, teaching and photography at the school. If I’m not out shooting I’m probably out on my bike, camping or life guarding at the local YMCA. I enjoy shooting with either my Canon DSLR, Panasonic micro 4/3 mirrorless, medium format or 35 mm film cameras split pretty evenly between color and black and white.
Kambua Chema
My mantra is, "live everyday as an exploration of endless possibilities seizing fleeting moments." In my world, everyday is an exploration with endless possibilities of new memories to be forged onto humanity. My passion is photographing people and their connections. On January 1, 2013 I made a commitment to shoot every day. I haven't missed a day. I can't possibly imagine my life without photography. My daily quest is finding the extraordinary in the ordinary and creating ART. In June 2012, I took a Photo 1 photography class at Richard Stromberg's Photography Classes and over 2 years stayed the course. It has been an amazing journey....As a Photo 1 instructor, the joy and excitement I felt 5 years ago when I attended my first class still lingers on in my heart every week when I teach.
Sharlene Chapman
I was born and raised in Chicago, and I’m still exploring the beauty of this wonderful city through my lens. Photography is my first passion. I love to capture the essence and the complexity of life. Teaching is my second passion. Being there to help the students grow and learn more skills as a photographer is extremely rewarding to me. I feel honored to teach at the R.S. Chicago Photography Classes.
Kim Loch
Kim Loch Rensburg is a published photographer specializing in natural light portraiture and lifestyle. She’s best known for her infectious smile which puts clients at ease. Kim teaches Photo II and leads a portrait workshop series dedicated to helping students build their portfolio and overcome nerves while photographing people. She’s a Detroit native who married into a family of South African winemakers and has spent the past decade in Chicago with her husband, Paul, and their sassy pug named Javier. Kim and Paul lead photo safaris to Cape Town – and would love to have you join their next trip!
Heidi Levin
My husband, Richard Stromberg and I opened Chicago Photography Classes. I currently teach Photo 4 and the Show Class, with Ron Porras.
Shirley Nannini
FreshLens Coorodinator / Instructor
After spending 33 years as a teacher, coach and administrator at Evanston Township High School Shirley retired in 2010 and was committed to finding a new adventure. After a year of pottery, she decided to pursue her passion for photography at RSCPC. Shirley took 15 months of classes and then joined forces with Candace Wark as Wind Flow Photography. Since 2012 they have become award winning art photographers and have shown their unique work in over 50 solo, group, gallery and museum exhibitions. Shirley caught the teaching bug again in 2017 and returned to RSCPC to help establish FreshLens, a full scholarship photography program, for under-resourced high school students.
Neale Zingle
I believe the best images capture the convergence of light, composition, and its elements. When done well, great images possess the ability to visit over and over, often revealing hidden qualities missed at first. I embrace that sentiment when shooting, and teaching photography.
Juliana Schneider
Juliana's love for all things food and photography runs deep. After finishing her BFA in photography from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, she gained exposure to both the creative and culinary worlds by editing cookbooks, writing her own food blog, styling and shooting food, and working in restaurants. She is currently the Senior Art Director for Chicago-based spice company Urban Accents, where she conceptualizes and creates visual content, as well as styles and photographs food. To Juliana, simple, beautiful food makes for a beautiful photograph.
Wendy Love
A former journalist and a strategic communications consultant, Wendy believes the best photos are created as photographers anticipate the moments when light and emotion illuminate a physical scene. Her quest is to be there, fully present, ready to capture those instants and tap their power to tell stories that connect us all. Wendy's photographic experience includes journalistic assignments, event photography, sports action and natural light portraits. A Photo 1 teacher since 2014, she also works as a contract event photographer. She has photographed more than 50 events over the past three years, for groups including Meeting Planners International, Rotary Club, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Thresholds and Imerman Angels.
Neil O'Shay
As a product photographer, Neil has taken over 4,000 product photos on behalf of his supplier, Eaton, which are displayed on both the Grainger and Newark websites. He has had various roles, primarily in Industrial Automation and Electrical products, throughout his career, including Director of Marketing and Vice-President of Sales, before starting his own company, CQ Industries, in 2008. Neil's photography journey began with Richard Stromberg’s One-Day Boot Camp in 2010. From that class, he has taken the majority of classes available at Richard Stromberg’s Chicago Photography Classes and remain big fans of Rick, Nick, Heidi, Ron, and all the other great instructors. As Neil continues his photography journey, he hopes to give back a little to the great community of friends who make up this school with a focus on teaching subjects such as Light & Lighting.
Nicola Levine
When my girls were babies, I was thrilled to discover my passion for photography. This craft has allowed me to document so many important stages in my family’s life. From the moody, quiet moments, to the energy-packed crazy ones, I aim to create images full of connection and emotion. With my passion for photography, I found CPC and explored the many classes they have to offer. This, in turn, led me to pursue photography as a profession, and I am now a portrait photographer with a focus on children and families. Lifelong learning is one of my key values, and I encourage others to “Keep Educating Yourself”, because there is always room to grow and learn. I take these beliefs and passion into the classroom as an instructor for CPC at the Highland Park location, teaching the Free 90 min class and Photo 1.