Advance your printing skills!

A photograph is not finished until it is printed. For a fine art photographer, “good enough” prints can’t effectively communicate your vision to the audience.
Printing larger prints can be intimidating. After completing this class you should be able to create any size print that effectively communicates your vision.

What people say?

Photo I was an amazing in-depth introduction to all of the features of my camera I never knew how to use. I recommend to anyone who has a camera sitting around and has the desire to use it! I am excited to take more classes through the school and continue to learn with this knowledgeable and supportive community.
Trisha Daniels
The process from photo I to photo III have improved my skills and expanded my possibilities for solving the challenges that I want to face with my camera.
Leonardo Layton

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of printers will be used for the classes?

We will be using Epson 4900 / 5000 / 7000 / 9000 for the classes.

Will I need to buy paper?

Yes, for most of the classes, you will need to purchase the required paper (refer to the class