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Richard Stromberg

About Our School and Community

Richard Stromberg’s Chicago Photography Classes is a community centered on photography.

At the school, we teach you how to get it right in the camera in the first place – “Plus”. What’s the Plus? We don’t just develop images we develop people through Photography. And that’s our Mission.

The journey, beginning with “Photo I” through advanced classes is one of challenge and personal growth.  Camera operation will be demystified. You will learn to see: To see light, to see expression, to see the juxtaposition between yourself, your subject and others. As you advance your knowledge and skill in photography, you will also gain perspective of yourself and others. You will be part of a group of people whose concern is for you to do your best, and your concern will be, for them to do their best.

Join us for the 90-Minute Class held every Sunday at 12:00pm and experience the learning environment and support of our community of photographers.

School News

New Session Begins January 3rd





Course Categories


Courses provide a substantial foundation for individual photographic growth.


In-Depth instruction for post-processing photos.


Fine-tuning processes for photo improvement.


Photographic growth in an informal social setting.


Courses for specific skills to augment advanced photography.


Intensive short courses for specific skills.

Annual Schedule of Sessions


Session 1: January 3, 2021

Session 2: March 7, 2021

Session 3: May 2, 2021

Session 4: July 11, 2021

Session 5: September 12, 2021

Session 6: October 31, 2021

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Student Testimonials

One of the Best Investment Decisions I’ve Ever Made
Grace F.
I took Photo I, II, and III here in 2009-2010 and it was one of the best investment decisions I've ever made. Yes, DSLR cameras and lenses are expensive...yes, you will need to put in the hours learning about photography, Adobe Lightroom, printing, etc.... but it will pay dividends in the end!!
I Learned A Lot From the Classes Here
I learned a lot from the classes here. I went from not knowing anything about DSLR and it took my photography skills to a whole new level. Instructors are very willing to help. I email or call them and they always give very detailed explaination to my questions. They make sure I understand the concept and help me apply them to actual shooting scenarios. I really enjoyed taking classes here.
All I Want to Do is to Take Photos
Shirley N
I just finished Photo 2 with Cara. The curriculum and Cara are both terrific. She's a natural, well organized, sound teaching principles, positive, professional and talented. I have enjoyed my first two classes immeasurably. I have been bitten by the bug, all I want to do is to take photos. Now I get my Dad's obsession with golf.

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Downtown Location