Lightroom Workflow



Lightroom Workflow: A Comprehensive Class for Introductory Lightroom Users

Join us at Chicago Photography Classes for a 6-week deep-dive into mastering Adobe Lightroom, led by veteran photographer Nick Sinnott. With a career spanning over 14 years and a Lightroom Classic Catalog of over 650,000 images, Nick brings invaluable insights in not only transitioning from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom but also how to properly manage files without filling up the cloud storage. From October 2023 onward, he has shifted to using Lightroom for all his photographic needs exclusively, showcasing a seamless transition from Lightroom Classic to Lightroom.  Please know that the Lightroom Program may not be a good fit for everyone, but if you want a more streamlined program to organize and edit your images…Lightroom does a great job.

Course Overview:

In ‘Lightroom Workflow,’ we cater to introductory Lightroom users eager to streamline their digital photography workflow. You’ll begin by understanding the foundational aspects of Lightroom, progressing through detailed editing techniques and exploring powerful tools for enhancing your images. Discover how to use Lightroom in conjunction with Photoshop and other software like Topaz and Helicon. This course is crafted to transform your approach to photo editing, making it more efficient and allowing your creativity to flourish.

Duration: 6 Weeks

Outline by Week:

  • Week 1: Lightroom Basics
  • Navigating the interface
  • Organizing Photos in both the Local Drives and Cloud
  • Week 2: Lightroom Editing Panel
  • Introduction to Editing Tools
  • Basic Corrections and Adjustments
  • Creative Enhancements for Images
  • Week 3: Lightroom Masking Abilities
  • Advanced Editing Techniques
  • Utilizing Masks and Filters for Precise Edits
  • Bringing Attention to Your Subject
  • Week 4: Printing, Photoshop and Plugins
  • Integrating with Photoshop for Extended Capabilities
  • Incorporating Plugins like Topaz and Helicon
  • The Print Workflow with Lightroom
  • Week 5: Lightroom on Multiple Devices
  • Managing Your Workflow Across Different Platforms
  • Discussing Lr on iPad, iPhone and Web
  • Week 6: Review
  • Reinforcing Learned Techniques
  • Q&A and Troubleshooting
  • Preparing for the Next Step in Your Photography Journey

Why Choose This Class?

  • Experienced Instructor: Learn directly from a seasoned professional who has adopted the newest Lightroom technology.
  • Hands-On Experience: Practical lessons and assignments to put theory into action.
  • Collaborative Environment: Engage with fellow photography enthusiasts and participate in a shared learning experience.
  • Future-Proof Skills: Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of digital photography and image editing.

Whether you’re looking to get a grip on the basics or aiming to refine your existing skills, this class is perfectly tuned for introductory Lightroom users. Ready to transform your digital workflow and elevate your photography?

Class Length: 6-Weeks
Class Options: In-Person
Lecture Duration: 2 Hours
Provided Material: Lecture Slides & Recordings


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