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Join Nick Sinnott as he takes a small group of photographers and explores the Wisconsin Dells area.  Wisconsin Dells was really never on Nick’s radar for nature photography because all of the commercialization of the area but after researching the hiking trails, canyons, waterfalls, and lakes, all within a 3-hour drive from Chicago…He has planned the exploration and you can join him!

The exploring will begin at dawn on Saturday, May 18th and last through late afternoon and possible through sunset…depending on what we find.  Nick will be covering a lot of area around the Dells and with speed, so please make sure that you are physically fit.  This will NOT be a tour for those wanting to drive up to a location and photograph.  There will be hiking, crawling through canyons and possibly canoeing, so you certainly need to love the wilderness.

This will be a new format for a workshop, the group is limited to 6 photographers!  Yes, that is a small number but we want to be able to move to many locations as we explore the area.  We will carpool from location to location and Nick will provide snacks and lunch on Saturday.

This is a rain or shine event, and again please make sure that you are physically able to hike on uneven ground possibly unto 6 – 8 miles.

Nick will provide a detailed list of equipment to the fellow explorers but here are a few must haves:

  • Camera
  • CPL & ND Filters
  • Lightweight Tripod

COST: $350

Workshop Length: Pre-Dawn to afternoon & possibly sunset
Snacks & Lunch will be provided
NOTE: This will be a physically demanding day…but a FUN one…Nick’s kind of fun!!!


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