What is Good Color? Pt 1



What Is Good Color?  I have to admit that my own interpretation has been skewed over the years. I have these nostalgic memories of what I think is a good color. I have heard others describe why they have good color. If we both had a good sense of color than they should match but oddly most times they aren’t even close. Why? I would surely tell you that I’m right and everyone else is wrong. Most photographers feel that way. Well I’m going to give you some tips and some tools that show you exactly what color is. Even though we will be Zooming and nowhere near each other we will have a reference so we can all see and agree of what a specific color is. Then we start editing. I will be showing you how to edit color in Photoshop. Once you learn how to correct your colors, surprisingly you will be teaching yourself how to get your colors right when pre-processing your raw files in Lightroom. That is where the first portion of class ends.  – John Granata

Class Length: 3-Weeks
Class Options: Online
Lecture Duration: About 2 Hours


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