Love Your Tripod Online!



Join Gerri Whitley to explore the creative possibilities of longer shutter speeds.  Learn to master the techniques of longer exposures using your tripod and how to select shutter speeds to create stunning images.

Equipment Required:
 DSLR or Mirrorless Camera
 Cable release or remote
 3, 6 or 10-Stop Neutral Density Filter
 and most importantly your TRIPOD!

The On-Line Course comprises 6 weekly zoom sessions with homework each week.
Weekly Outline:
 Week 1: Long Exposures
 Week 2: Critique, shutter speed for creative effect
 Week 3: Critique, Use of ND filters
 Week 4: Critique, More ND filters
 Week 5: Critique, Pan and Zoom Pan
 Week 6: Critique, recap, Q&A

Class Length: 6-Weeks
Class Options: Online
Lecture Duration: About 2 Hours
Provided Material: Lecture Slides


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