Camera operations will be demystified. You will learn: to see light, to see expression, to see the juxtaposition between yourself, your subject and others.

This energetic lecture is conducted every Sunday at our studio and online every other week. The class is designed to introduce people to proper exposure using their cameras.
You’ll learn about exposure, focus, and focal length control, how to take great long exposures and night photos, and get tips and tricks for composing eye-catching images.
Photo I is a comprehensive class about the fundamentals of photography. In this class you will learn about correct exposure, f-stops and shutter speed and Adobe Lightroom Classic.
In only 2 weeks we will teach you about correct exposure, what makes the “right exposure” and why. Additionally, we will get you started with Lightroom Classic to edit your photos.
Continue your photographic thinking and go beyond regular through the lens metering and learn methods that will allow you be more precise with exposure and color.
This class will challenge each student to apply their photography skills to a creative project for the duration of the class. Learn advance photography techniques and photo critique.
An advanced class for the students who have successfully completed Photo 3 — designed to help you succeed in both photographing and printing the very best images possible.
As you become a photographer and start sharing your work, you might get a request to display your work. Our goal is to teach you how to do it. First show: Ravenswood ArtWalk!

What people say?

Photo I was an amazing in-depth introduction to all of the features of my camera I never knew how to use. I recommend to anyone who has a camera sitting around and has the desire to use it! I am excited to take more classes through the school and continue to learn with this knowledgeable and supportive community.
Trisha Daniels
The process from photo I to photo III have improved my skills and expanded my possibilities for solving the challenges that I want to face with my camera.
Leonardo Layton

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the classes online or in-person?

Most of the classes may be taken either online or in-person (refer to each class) and some may
also provide a hybrid-type learning.

How long are the classes?

Typically classes are about 2 hours in length (with breaks) each week.

I have taken classes at other schools, do I need to begin with Photo I?

No, if you have prior experience with photography, contact Nick Sinnott
( and you can have a discussion on the most appropriate class to
begin with based on your experience.

Can I change my scheduled class?

Yes, every week of the class you may float to a different day & time so that it will work with your

Will I get assignments?

Yes, every week, you will receive and assignment which will strengthen your knowledge of the

About how many hours outside of class will be needed?

About 2-3 hours outside of class each week is suggested.

Are the classes recorded?

All of our online classes are recorded and can be available upon request.