Advanced Lighting

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Elevate your lighting skills with our Advanced Lighting Class. Building upon the foundations learned in the Beginners class, this course will delve into the intricacies of 2-4 light setups. Discover the art of key and fill, master the art of blending natural and flash lighting, and gain proficiency in color correction. By the end of this class, you will have the expertise to create stunning images using up to 4 lights and beyond. Expand your photography horizons and enroll now!

Curriculum Overview:

Week 1: Reviewing Basic Lighting Setups

Week 2: Effects of different lighting modifiers (Beauty Dish, Snoot, Honeycomb, etc.)

Week 3: Using Gels and creative color

Week 4: Mixing ambient light with flash (high-speed sync)

Week 5: Nighttime Portraits

Week 6: Preparing for a shoot

Week 7: Full Model Shoot

Class Length: 7 Weeks
Class Option: In-Person
Lecture Duration: 2 Hours
Provided Material: Curriculum and use of studio and lighting equipment
Requirements: Must have completed Lighting 101 or received permission from the instructor.


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