Photo Critique Master Class



Would you like your best photos critiqued by a professional photo critiquer?

David Joel will guide you through an unique approach to critique— ‘deconstructing’ your photo into its visual component parts.

David is a career photographer who has been a friend of CPC for years volunteering his expertise to our community.

This is a FREE workshop.


Please view samples of DAVID JOEL’s unique approach to critique:

How Do Photographers Develop a Distinct Style? 9:16

“Expression” in Portraits 39:43

Three Photos Visually Analyzed in Detail 21:52

Train & Worker 5:55

Testimonial from a Student 1:53


A group of images submitted in advance by people signing up for the class will be analyzed in great detail.

All participants will observe and can contribute comments.

(note: David will contact you a few days before the class to request 2 or 3 images per person be sent electronically in advance)

Class Length: Single Session
Class Options: Online & In-Person
Lecture Duration: About 2 Hours


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