Intro to Photoshop

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Get started with Photoshop with this 7-Week Class taught by Nick Sinnott.  Whether you have just used Photoshop for the basic items (spot removal, cloning) or never used Photoshop before, this will be the appropriate introduction to Photoshop for you.


We will begin with the basics and in seven weeks you will be much more confident in your Photoshop editing abilities.  Some of the topics that we will cover and you will practice during the 2-hour weekly class:

  • Interface and working spaces.
  • Getting comfortable with using a tablet (Wacom Tablet).
  • Layers: Duplicate, Empty, Adjustment…all of the different types.
  • Masking: “White Reveals…Black Conceals”, also the importance of inverting the mask.
  • Selections: Using both the AI and manual tools to select your objects.
  • Common Fixes: Using the Spot Heal (Nick’s “Crack Tool”), Clone and Content-Aware Fill Tools.
  • Filters: Sharpen, Blur…heck…make them smile…they do the heavy lifting.
  • Composite Images: Blending multiple images together to create a single image.
  • Text Input: Adding text onto your images


If you are comfortable with the above material, then this class probably is not for you, but for those that fear opening Photoshop…CLICK to REGISTER!


Class Length: 7 weeks
Class Option: In-Person
Duration: About 2 hours
Material Provided: Book


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