Mastering Large Format Printing



Printing larger prints can be intimidating. It is believable that larger printers and larger papers result in larger problems. It doesn’t have to be difficult. With the Mastering Large Format Printing Class discover how to translate what you know from Mastering the Art of Photographic Printing to a much larger scale.  Learn camera settings and a workflow that does not destroy your files. Discover programs that enhance the abilities of your camera equipment. After completing this class you will be able to create any size print that effectively communicates your vision.

This course focuses on:

  • creating a workflow in order to print large and not damage your files
  • understanding the unique characteristics of a large print
  • utilizing a workflow for printing in Adobe Photoshop
  • learning about resizing programs that enhance results
  • reevaluating editing methods to optimize results
  • identifying visual problems and developing solutions
  • identifying characteristics of “good” color and density in large format photographic printing


Required supplies for students to purchase:

  • 1-box of 8.5″x11″ Epson Premium Luster Paper


Supplies that are included with Registration:

  • 3 – 24″ x 36″ Prints
  • 1 – 40″ x 60″ Print



Class Length: 3-Weeks
Class Options: In-Person
Lecture Duration: About 2 Hours


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