Explore the possibilities once you have control of your camera.

Learn to photograph the Macro details of flowers, crystals, ice, water drops, insects, plus more. We will also introduce you to UV Macro Photography.
In a world where selfies and smartphone photos are the norm, what does it really take to capture a beautiful portrait? Make the leap from photographing still life to people!
learn techniques such as Long Exposure Photography, Neutral Density Filters, Panning, Zoom Blur, Intentional Blur during beautiful photo walks.
The study of composition will provide new insights into the beauty that is found in the arrangement of compositional elements such as color, light, and shape.
Keeping Dynamic Symmetry as foundation, you will focus on intent, process, and study the photographers whose work exemplifies compositional unity.
Using the Squarespace online platform, learn how to register a domain name, create a page layout, templates, design, add your portfolio and publish the website.

What people say?

Photo I was an amazing in-depth introduction to all of the features of my camera I never knew how to use. I recommend to anyone who has a camera sitting around and has the desire to use it! I am excited to take more classes through the school and continue to learn with this knowledgeable and supportive community.
Trisha Daniels
The process from photo I to photo III have improved my skills and expanded my possibilities for solving the challenges that I want to face with my camera.
Leonardo Layton

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to complete all of the Core Classes before taking any of the Specialized Classes?

No, but you do need to have taking through Photo II (or comparable education).

Are the classes online or in-person?

Most of the classes may be taken either online or in-person (refer to each class) and some may
also provide a hybrid-type learning.

How long are the classes?

The length ranges depending on the class, view the highlights in each of the class sections to
determine the length.

Are the classes recorded?

All of our online classes are recorded and can be available upon request.