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In Photo II, you will continue your photographic thinking and go beyond regular through the lens (TTL) metering and learn methods that will allow you be more precise with exposure and color. Much of the curriculum will focus on techniques to improve the technical aspects of your photographs. Histograms, grey cards, color temperature, white balance, and light meters are just some of the lessons we will cover in Photo II. These lessons will help you develop strategic approaches to handle mixed lighting and other hard-to-shoot situations so you may better predict your photograph’s outcome before you shoot.

We will also continue to focus on the artistic side of photography, and many of the lessons will cover approaches to aesthetically improve your work. With discussions on composition, shadows, lighting and angle, to name a few, you will discover new ways to see and capture imagery from the world around you. By combining technical and artistic lessons, Photo II will provide a solid framework to allow you to improve your photographs overall.

To participate in Photo II, your camera must be a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) or Mirrorless, with the ability to store images in RAW format. You must have completed Photo I class and have a general understanding of Adobe Lightroom Classic and how aperture, shutter speed and ISO are manipulated to achieve the correct exposure using your camera’s TTL metering.  Attendance of our Sunday noon workshop is recommended if you have not completed Photo I within the six months prior to starting Photo II.  The workshop will allow you to review camera basics, including shutter speed and f-stops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the classes online or in-person?
Most of the classes may be taken either online or in-person (refer to each class) and some may also provide a hybrid-type learning.
How long are the classes?
Typically classes are about 2 hours in length (with breaks) each week.
I have taken classes at other schools, do I need to begin with Photo I?
No, if you have prior experience with photography, contact Nick Sinnott ( and you can have a discussion on the most appropriate class to begin with based on your experience.
Can I change my scheduled class?
Yes, every week of the class you may float to a different day & time so that it will work with your schedule.
Will I get assignments?
Yes, every week, you will receive and assignment which will strengthen your knowledge of the lecture.
About how many hours outside of class will be needed?
About 2-3 hours outside of class each week is suggested.
Are the classes recorded?
All of our online classes are recorded and can be available upon request.

Class Length: 7-Weeks
Class Options: In-Person @ TAC HP
Lecture Duration: About 2 Hours
Provided Material: Lecture Slides & Recordings
Extra Info: You can alter your class schedule at any time. Every week of the class you may float to a different day & time so that it will work with your schedule.


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