Show Class



As you become a photographer and start sharing your work with others you might get a request to display your work. Our goal is for you to know how to do that. If you want to “Show” (display) your work at a local pub, coffee house, restaurant or even a library, we want you to know the “what and how” goes into doing it. We have over 40 years experience hanging exhibits in every conceivable environment and we share this expertise.

We talk about picking the photographs to be displayed and how to print them for the light they’re going to be shown in. We want you to know how to “mount” the work, how to cut mats and put together the frames. We want you to know how to “prepare the wall surface”, how to “compose” and “hang” the Show, how to “light” the Photographs. After your show is over we want you to know how to return the walls to the way they were when you found them.

The show class will teach you all of those skills and much more. Under the tutelage of Ron Porras and Heidi Levin you will make the best “display prints” of your life. The show will be juried by all of the other students in the show. Everyone is working for the benefit of everyone else. You will get the feedback of your fellow exhibitors and give feedback as well. You will be engaged in an exhilarating process, producing and finishing your work to a professional level. You will continue to develop your critical eye for composition, color, shape and form. All of this happens in a nurturing, supportive environment.

Our exhibitions are displayed in our Within Sight Gallery. We introduce our exhibitors to the community at large with a Sunday afternoon opening for families (and the public). Food is offered as well as wine and soft drinks. We ask our student community to make dishes (sort of like a “Pot Luck”). We hold a drawing of framed prints — each exhibitor provides a framed 11’x14″ archival print for the drawing. Hundreds of people attend and photographs are regularly sold. The proceeds of sales go directly to the exhibitor; there is no commission given to CPC or anyone else.

When you participate in a show your unique Photographic Thinking graces the walls.

Class Length: 16 Weeks
Class Options: In-Person
Lecture Duration: About 1.5 Hours
Provided Material: All Framing and printing supplies (except paper)
Extra Info: Once Completed, an image from your show work, will go up on our walls.


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