Photo I: Bootcamp



Photo I Bootcamp is a comprehensive class about the fundamentals of photography.

You will learn about correct exposure, what makes the “right exposure” and why. You’ll discover the meaning of shutter speeds and f-stops and how to stop motion or let a “subject’s motion” blur in just the right way. You will also learn about depth of field: how much of the picture you should have in focus and how to use “out of focus” in just the right way.

During the Photo I Bootcamp you will also learn about composition for photography and ways to approach the “critique” of photographs – your own and the work of others.

The Photo I Bootcamp lays the proper foundation for the more technical Digital Photo II and Photo III classes.

If you are able to, please attend one of the Intro to Photography Classes (available In-Studio & Online) prior to beginning your Photo I Bootcamp or Photo I class.  Doing so will introduce you to the basics of camera operation and a number of shooting basics, including f-stops and shutter speed.  You’ll also have a chance to meet our instructors and ask questions about your camera.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this class online or in-person?
The Photo I Bootcamp is offered only in-person.
How long are the classes?
The class will start at 9am and end at 4pm, with breaks in between.
Will I get assignments?
Yes, the first week of class you will have an assignment due on your second and final week.
Is the class recorded?
The Photo I Bootcamp will not be recorded.


Class Length: 2 weeks
Class Option: In-Person
9am-4pm Active Class
Provided Material: Manual & Lecture Slides


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