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Bigger, Faster, Louder!
While the Chicago Air Show, August 20th – 22nd, has been reduced to a 1-hour show from the US Navy Blue Angles, we will get to see the Blue Angles fly in their new jets!  Beginning in May 2021, the squadron upgraded their aircraft from the F-18 Hornet to now the F-18 Super Hornet.  While it may sound like the same jet…ask any pilot…it’s not!  The Super Hornet is a larger, faster and has much larger engines than its predecessor.
Join Nick Sinnott at different locations each day (Friday through Sunday) photographing the performance.  Days prior to the show, he’ll send you the locations of where he’ll be and suggest equipment and camera settings.  Just before the performances, he’ll review the sight-lines and where to point your camera.  During the hour performance, he’ll be photographing just as you will be!
Please be aware that just because it’s a reduced show will NOT mean fewer people.  He can not “save” you a spot.  He will inform registered individuals where and when he will be prior to the day.  The locations will be determined based on weather.
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