Light and Lighting: Taking Control



What You Will Learn In This Free-Form Class

Please Note: Our Lighting Studios Use LED Lighting Fixtures, Strobes and Florescent fixtures. Learn Photographic Thinking and Lighting.

During the first four weeks of class, we will focus on lighting problems and their solutions. We will study the control of reflection to use it to our advantage. How to deal with white-on-white and black-on-black subjects and backgrounds so the image produces our visual definition. What special care must be taken when photographing transparent or translucent subjects. Controlling distortion and tonal variation. The effect of lens focal length on subjects and lighting. Our subjects will vary, including reflective surfaces, rectilinear objects, cylindrical objects, transparent objects and others the students may suggest during the course.

The last three class sessions will be devoted to low-light photography, including one class in the field recording images in various lighting conditions. This will provide the opportunity to test our camera and the special settings for low-light corrections.

This class will not be covering flash or portrait photography, except as it relates to specific issues of reflection and definition.

Students need to have completed Photo II for this class. Those who have not completed Photo II may enroll if they demonstrate a working understanding of white balance, color correction, camera calibration, histograms and the five types of light. A DSLR or mirrorless camera is required. We will be working with RAW images. We need at least 6 students for this class.


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