One-Day Mastering the Art of Photographic Printing




A photograph is not finished until it is printed. For a fine art photographer, “good enough” prints can’t effectively communicate your vision to the audience. The Mastering the Art of Photographic Printing (MAPP) class is for the photographer looking to bring his or her printing skills to a fine art level. Only after mastering printing skills and effectively choosing a paper, will your prints express your vision. Learn how to captivate and communicate with the viewer by transferring mood, emotion and artist intent visually.

This one-day workshop will put you on the right path for creating fine art photographic prints. This is a hands-on workshop where you will:

  • Print in class using Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper (provided).
  • Learn a specific printing workflow to produce consistent and repeatable results.
  • Practice editing skills that will bring your image from forgettable to memorable.

This course focuses on:

  • Understanding the value of color management and color profiles.
  • Utilizing a workflow for printing in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Identifying characteristics of “good” color and density in photographic printing.
  • Practicing editing skills necessary for photographic printing.


Hahnemühle Fine Art printing paper will be provided.


Laptop to work in class on

Color Management Device

2-3 “Finished Files” to print in class


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