Upgrade Your Wildlife Photography



Upgrade Your Wildlife Photography: 5 Techniques for Professional Results

Embark on a captivating expedition to transcend your wildlife photography skills, regardless of your level. Designed to ignite your creativity and propel your technical prowess, this masterclass is an unmissable opportunity for photographers looking to evolve their craft.

Join Wild Eye co founder and international expedition guide Gerry van der Walt, as he delves into the heart of wildlife photography, exploring mesmerizing landscapes like the sweeping plains of Africa and the pristine wilderness of Svalbard, home to iconic mammals. From iconic male lions to elusive polar bears, the focus is capturing the essence of these incredible creatures.

With over two decades of experience leading photographic journeys through Africa, Gerry will help you uncover the secrets of melding creativity with the power of documentary-style shooting.  Learn how to breathe life into your images by immersing yourself in the in-field process, and then elevate them further through expert post-processing techniques.

Are you feeling stuck in a photographic rut? This masterclass is the remedy you seek. Through real-world examples, discover how to break free from stagnation and infuse new life into your work. Explore the journey from the moment you press the shutter to the final, polished image.

Gerry’s impressive background extends beyond the lens, with authored manuals on photography and post-processing and presentations and workshops around the world. With a passion for teaching and empowering others, Gerry is dedicated to helping you unleash your full potential and push the boundaries of your craft.

This isn’t just about sharper images – it’s about storytelling, emotion, and the artistry that transforms a photograph into a profound visual experience.

If you’re ready to challenge yourself, to see the world through a new lens, and to capture the wild like never before, this masterclass is your gateway.

Elevate your wildlife photography.  Spark your imagination. Capture the extraordinary.  Join us in the pursuit of inspirational imagery.

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Class Length: 2 hours
Class Option: In-Person & Live-Streamed on Zoom


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