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Design, Build, Share. This Squarespace design class will help you build a portfolio / CV website from start to finish. Using the Squarespace online platform, you will learn how to select and register a domain name, work with page layout templates and design, add your portfolio images and text content, style your site and ultimately publish it to the web.

As an artist, you’ve certainly accumulated a body of work.  You keep a running CV, post on social media and perhaps, exhibit your creations. But, having a permanent place online to display your work, describe your goals and keep people up to speed on what you’re doing can be not only a critical step in advancing your reach but also very rewarding. Having a website is a great way to share your work easily.

With Squarespace and it’s a unique visual design tool, you can create content using a very DIY approach. Themes and layouts are easily accessible via the interface and present various page layout and design starting points. Squarespace is known for it’s clean, simple and modern looking designs so it lends itself quite well to creatives and artists. The page designs can be edited globally so that a uniform design look can be easily maintained. Adding and changing content is simple and intuitive, as the content is separated from design. Need to add images, or modify text? Just change or add the content and the styling is already there.


Materials required:

  • Materials required:
    Registered Squarespace account. If you’re unsure of this step, you may wait, as we will go through all the options, pros/cons, etc during Week 1.
  • Minimum of 10 jpeg images (min 1800px) of your work to use in the site design. Bring more if you wish, but please choose images you want to use ahead of time.
  • Full or partial CV to work with.
  • Draft “Bio” and “Artist Statement”
  • Website examples you like.


Class Outline:
Week 1
– Setup
– Squarespace 7.1 (latest version) intro, what is Squarespace (SaaS)
– Choosing domain name
– Choosing a plan
– Templates Intro
– Create a sitemap (wireframe), rough site content / assets
– Start – site content, about / cv / statement, assets, logo, colors, fonts
– 30 min Q&A / Lab / Assignment (each week)

Week 2
– 15 min Q&A / help (each week)
– Dashboard Tour
– Templates
– Style themes – Global style changes to your site, section styles.
– Versatile template – Templates interchangable
– Add pages / understanding navigation
– 30 min Q&A / Lab / Assignment (each week)

Week 3
– Page Sections
– Block, Gallery, Collection, Footer Sections
– Squarespace support and knowledge articles- Complete site content, about / cv / statement content, etc

Week 4
– Header / Footer
– Header and footer layouts
– Banner Sections
– Banner images – Add banners to any page
– Mobile Styling editable parameters, and automatic mobile styling – sites adapting to mobile view.

Week 5
– Pages and content
– Images and video
– Design, Logo & Title / Design, Site Styles
– Site Design & Styles, Texts, Buttons

Week 6
– Blog / Ecommerce
– SEO / Marketing
– Settings, Social Links
– Google Search, Google Search Console (submitting to indexes)
– Site Maintenance
– Questions, Final Presentation


Class Length: 6-Weeks
Class Options: In-Person or Online (see options available in product selection)
Lecture Duration: About 2/2.5h with break

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    I’m so grateful to Thomas for being such a wonderful instructor. I was determined to take his class and I’m glad I had friends who were willing to go on this journey with me an instructor who gave so much of himself to ensuring we were at our best.

    We had an incredible time sharing ideas and best ways to show case our photography. Thomas was super helpful in availing himself to us in class and privately if we needed any further assistance on the phone or zoom.

    Creating my own website was a milestone that has taken ages to achieve and I’m glad to have had Thomas and all the other wonderful women in the class go on this incredible creative journey with me. Thank you so much Thomas, Carma, Barbara and Renee!

    June 28, 2020
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    Renee Zorc

    Tom did a great job teaching this class. He ensured we were successful and acknowledged each person’s individual needs for her own Squarespace site and what each needed. He was great in answering emails when we were “stuck” in order to get us back on track so we could continue on our own. Classes were filled with feedback and trouble shooting! I am very pleased that I took this class!

    June 26, 2020
    Verified Review

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    Carma Lynn Park

    Tom was great! He was patient with us and very available for all kinds of issues–he went above and beyond. I appreciated that he gave us technical information on setting up our websites, and was also helpful regarding esthetic / design issues. 2-in-1!

    June 25, 2020
    Verified Review

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    Great class!! So happy to finally have a website. Tom was a great instructor and very patient.

    April 30, 2020
    Verified Review

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    Tamara Walker

    This course was exactly what It was looking for to set up a website for my photography. I came into this class knowing a few basics about Squarespace. The instructor was very knowledgeable and accessible for any questions. Now I know so much more about the functionality and possibilities of this software. By the end of the class I had an effective, beautiful and professional looking website to showcase my photography. I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to create their own site using Squarespace.

    April 30, 2020

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    Bill Sineni

    The Websites with Squarespace class taught me everything I needed to move away from a third-party portfolio site, and set up a site of my own. I came to the class with zero web experience, so the class is perfect for someone with interest, but without any web development background. Thanks to Thom Bock and CPC for migrating the class to virtual. The content was great for remote learning. Thom taught all the important concepts and made himself available as needed outside of class to get my site to operate the way I wanted. It was helpful to hear the questions from other students, and see their approach to their sites. Although it was an intro class, Thom also introduced more advanced concepts like blogging, e-commerce and marketing integration, so I can understand what more can be done with the site over time. See the finished product at

    April 21, 2020

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