“Sense of Place” Show


Juried by Susan Burnstine

Curated by Federica Ghidelli and Denise Orlin


January 19th – April 21st 2023

WithINSight Gallery

4001 N Ravenswood ave, first floor



Show’s statement:


Over these past few years our sense of place may have shifted. While we were once rooted in our home towns and usual routine, many have explored, traveled and created  a new life for themselves.

The opposite is also true. Some of us rediscovered their homes and familiar places, now with new eyes and different priorities.

Whatever our journey might be, we all search for places that bring us comfort, meaning, and belonging.

These places may be a forest preserve, a high-rise office building, your kitchen table, a garden, a waterway. People, new relationships and activities can also be the anchor of these recent transformations.



Duanny Alva, Heather Baker, Whitney Bush, Linda Caldwell, Margot Cepeda, Sharlene Chapman, Ashley Cheeks, Kambua Chema, Jaclyn Cori, Steven Exo, Curtis Fedder, Jane Feely, Rena Goodfriend-Leve, Maureen Haldeman, Cynthia Harris, Susan Isaaccson, Wendy Istvanick, Hanna Latham, Leonardo Layton, Iveta Lazdina, Merle Litowitz, Krysia Lukkason, Janis McGowan, Shirley Nannini, Alyssa Neuser, Patricia Pedroza, Michael Piacenza, Vivien Qian, Taffy Raphael, Dan Scott, Jennifer Stix, Stephanie Stuart, Sandra Sugawara,Ellen Sullivan, Jane Thorsen,Venu Tummalapalli, Honey J Walker, Kathryn Weinstein, Junko Yokota.

All the images in the show are up for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please contact the curators at:



Here are the images in the show:

If you cannot stop by the gallery to see the show, enjoy these beautiful group images!


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