Galena Fall Color Photography Workshop

This sold-out workshop featured an incredible 10 photographers from Chicago Photography Classes – all of whom shared their enthusiasm on capturing breathtaking fall colors through their lenses. For two days we explored scenic Galena and captured some unique and stunning shots from blacksmiths to mansions. From discovering techniques such as long exposure photography, mastering HDR and developing composition knowledge – the participants honed their talent for creating jaw-dropping images that will be cherished by all who view them. From dramatic landscapes to vibrant sunsets, check out some of the amazing sights that we visited during this magical weekend!

The wonderful group for the weekend!

Always watching for the reflections of the fall colors.
Grant Park, Galena Illinois
Lessons on low-light photography in the blacksmith shop
Trent (blacksmith) welding with just a hammer! We asked for sparks…and he gave them to us!
Galena Churches!
Downtown Galena – Early and cold morning!
It was too windy for us to go up in a hot air balloon so we took advantage of the wind and worked on long exposure techniques.
Cold , windy but beautiful light!
Train Station / Visitor’s Center
President Grant’s Home
Across the street from President Grant’s Home.
Belvedere Mansion’s central staircase.
Artwork recovered from WWII – Belvedere Mansion.
Fern Room at Belvedere Mansion.
Thunder Bay Falls – Photographed during the scouting trip…unfortunately there wasn’t even a trickle of water during the workshop.

What an incredible experience! After a few days of intensive instruction and beautiful outdoor activities, the Galena Fall Color Photography Workshop wrapped up. Not only did our workshop participants appreciate the stunning fall foliage throughout the area, they also had the opportunity to practice their new techniques in a supportive environment. It was truly special to watch everyone hone their photography skills. Furthermore, the bonds that were formed between participants as well as with staff members during this workshop will surely last for years to come. We are so grateful for all of our attendees and can’t thank them enough for joining us on this amazing adventure! Though we aren’t quite sure what 2024 holds, we know already that we have even more workshops planned and we look forward to welcoming everyone to them.


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