An Evening with Storyteller & Artist, Imran Nuri




Imran Nuri is an artist based in Chicago who is best known for his photo series and book:

Chicago Photography Classes is very excited to host Imran and learn how his life changed during the pandemic.  After experiencing a quarter-life crisis at 24, he asked himself one huge question: “If I knew I had one year left to live, what would I do?” His answer was he would spend his final year figuring out the purpose of life by asking 1,000 strangers about what they know now that they wished they had known earlier, then photographing them to create this enormous body of work. He accomplished this by living in his Toyota Camry for 84 days and driving 15,298 miles to all of the lower 48 US states. His major conclusion from the journey and strangers is that we have much more in common with one another than the things that tear us apart.
Class Length: About an hour
In-Person & Online Available


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