Anderson Garden



Join Gerri Whitley for a half-day outing, we’ll spend the morning capturing spring colors in the beautiful Anderson Japanese Gardens. This magical 12 acre garden in Rockford IL is a photographers dream, winding paths lead to new perspectives both intimate and dramatic.

Named one of the highest quality Japanese gardens in North America by Sukiya Living Magazine since 2004, the garden is filled with Koi ponds, gentle streams, cascading waterfalls and raked gravel gardens;
every turn leads to a new perspective. Beautiful in any season, the garden is filled with new greens and blossoms in Springtime.
Designed by Hoichi Kurisu, a master craftsman and designer, the garden celebrates all the elements of traditional Japanese Gardens- water, stone, sound, texture -to create a soothing experience of nature. From groundbreaking in 1978 until today, the placement of every rock, alignment of every tree and layout of all the paths is made with the careful consideration of Mr. Kurisu. Master craftsmanship and 16 th century traditional architecture is found throughout the garden.

The workshop will conclude with an included lunch at the garden.  The workshop includes private access to the Anderson Japanese Gardens before public hours with the use of tripods and lunch at the gardens.
On-site we will work one-on-one with students to help them achieve their shooting goals for the day.
Anyone with an interest in photography and a passion for nature will benefit from the workshop. Please know and expect that this is an outdoor adventure, expect to be walking for most of the morning regardless of the weather.

The workshop includes: entry fee for Anderson Japanese Gardens and group lunch
Group: We limit our workshops to 8 people with 1 instructor

Date/Time: Saturday, April 20th 7:00am-1:00pm
Location: we will meet at the Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford IL promptly at 7:00am
Food: We will have a group lunch
Equipment: Bring your favorite DSLR, lenses, and tripod. A remote shutter trigger is
recommended, or the ability to use your shutter delay in-camera menu. Lens filters are not
mandatory, but instruction will be provided for those who bring them.

Need to know

  • This is a rain or shine event, it is impossible to predict the weather when
    arranging for a workshop. What some would consider bad weather often makes for great
    photography. Participants should arrive at the workshop prepared for all weather conditions
    and temperatures.
  • Registered students will be responsible for transportation to and from Rockford.
Workshop on location
Price includes Private entry fees and lunch


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