Editing With A.I. in LrC



Editing With Lightroom Classic is the perfect choice for anyone looking to further their photographic editing skills. This comprehensive course provides an in-depth look at all features included in the latest version of Adobe’s Lightroom Classic. Our experienced instructors provide you with a complete guide to working with global, selective and healing tools, spending extra time on masking controls so that you get the most out of your images. The 3-week program is easy to follow and provides clear examples of how each feature works with simple instructions tailored to a variety of skill levels. From those just starting out or brushing up on existing knowledge, this course delivers best practices and helpful tips from experts in the field. Invest in Editing With Lightroom Classic today and master Adobe’s powerful editing software!

Subjects Covered:

  • Global Tools (including Guided Transform & AI Denoise)
  • Healing Tools (Content-Aware Fill)
  • Selective Tools (AI Masking, Intersect, Tone Curve, Color, Luminosity + More)
Class Length: 3 Weeks
Class Options: In-Person & Online
Lecture Duration: 2 – 2.5 Hours


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