Lightroom Editing Workflow



February 10th (Saturday) 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Effective editing can create mood and bring your creative vision to life.  Join Gerri Whitley for a morning of interactive Lightroom editing.   During this small group hands-on workshop we’ll explore ways to level-up your Lightroom editing process.  She will talk workflow and share tips and tricks.   There will be group discussion of each image and how we approach editing.    Gerri will edit at least one image from each participant during the class while talking through the process.  


There will be time for participants to use these techniques and we’ll print and critique the edited images.


This workshop is intended for students who are comfortable with Lightroom and understand its basic functionality.  


Prerequisites:  Photo 1 or regular use of lightroom for editing

Class Length: About 4-5 hours
Class Option: In-Person


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