Macro Intensive Program



Discover the world around us that is typically unseen to the human eye!

Join Nick Sinnott for an Intensive program on Macro Photography + Drips, Drops & Illusions!

During this class, you will be photographing the Macro details of flowers, crystals, ice, water drops, insects, plus more.  

Class Requirements (General)

  • Have a firm understanding of exposure and your camera.  If you have any questions contact:
  • DSLR or Mirrorless Camera
  • Once registered, Nick will have a one-to-one conversation prior to the class to talk to you about your gear.
  • Generally, no Macro lens needed.  If you own a Macro lens, great, we will certainly use it.  If you just have a 50mm lens, that will work as well, you’ll just need to purchase a set of Extension Tubes (about $40).
  • Tripod or other camera stabilization (Platypod), either is required.
  • Cable Shutter Release (Preferred) or IR Shutter Release

General Outline of the Class

  • Monday (Day 1): Introductions and Equipment Discussion.
    • Lecture
    • Lab (Active Shooting)
    • Lunch (Provided)
    • Photo Processing Lab (Lightroom / Photoshop)
    • Photo Printing Session
  • Tuesday (Day 2): Depth of Field and Focus Stacking
    • Lecture
    • Lab (Active Shooting)
    • Lunch (Provided)
    • Photo Processing Lab (Lr, Ps & Helicon Focus)
    • Photo Printing Session
  • Wednesday (Day 3): Water Drop Refractions, Lighting
    • Lecture
    • Lab (Active Shooting)
    • Lunch (Provided)
    • Photo Processing Lab (Lr, Ps & Helicon)
    • Photo Printing Session
  • Thursday (Day 4): Field Trip
    • All-Day Field trip to several areas around Chicago
      • Botanical Gardens
      • Conservatories
      • Zoos and Nature Areas
    • Lunch will be provided
  • Friday (Day 5): Drips, Drops and Illusions
    • The very popular workshop is included for the final day.
    • Water Tanks Drops
    • Lunch Provided
    • Drip Collision Photography
    • High-Speed Photography
  • Saturday – Bonus Day
    • Print your favorite images from the week!



Class Length: 5 days
Class Option: In-Person
9am-4pm Active Class
Provided Material: Manual & Lecture Slides


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