This D.A.M. Program



Over the past ten years of teaching photography, the number #1 problem that we encounter is difficulty with Lightroom Catalog Management.  Some students become increasingly frustrated with the program that they want to give up photography!  This is a 4-Week Class working towards getting your Lightroom Catalog organized and secured.  Whether you have 100,000 images in Lightroom or just getting started, this class is ONLY about the organization abilities in Lightroom Classic.  The ultimate goal of this class is to teach you to become very confident with the management of the Lr catalog and photo files so that you can enjoy the editing process.

Subjects that will be covered:

  • Photo Storage Options (External Hard Drives, RAID Systems, Cloud, etc.)
  • Backup
  • Importing
  • File and folder management
  • Workflow of  rating systems (color, flags, stars)
  • Exporting

Class Length: 4 Weeks
Class Option: In-Person and Online
Lecture Duration: 2 Hours


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