Ultimate Nature Photography Workshop



Whether you are planning to travel to Africa to photograph the Big 5 or you have your heart set on the northern lights in Iceland, this Nature Photography Masterclass will equip you with all the tools and information you need before, during and after your dream photography tour.

Drawing on more then 40 years of combined experience in the photographic travel industry, Wild Eye co founder Gerry van der Walt and head of product development Johan van Zyl will share practical information, insights and ideas to help you plan your very own photographic travels to the wild places of the world.

By sharing Wild Eye’s tried and tested approach to photographic travel planning, choice of destinations and photographic education, Gerry and Johan will take the guessing out of photographic travel and how you can maximize your time in the field and to create images you can be proud of.

During the course of three sessions, the Wild Eye team will share info like:

  • The three stages of nature photography travel.
  • Where to start when planning your own photographic travels.
  • Choosing a destinations and managing your expectations.
  • Camera and lens choices per destination.
  • Traveling with photographic gear.
  • Balancing a nature experience with photography.
  • Creating images that are unique to the destination you are visiting.
  • Valuable travel, nature and photography apps you need to be using.
  • Post processing software and data management on the road.
  • And a whole lot more!

After this masterclass you will have all the knowledge and skills to plan your own photographic travels as well as choose any photo tours you choose to go on with confidence knowing that your expectations – photography and experience wise – will be met.

Join Gerry and Johan as they take you on a wonderful visual journey of  amazing photography, stress free travels and everything in between.

Wild Eye’s tagline is Change the way you see the world, and that is what this masterclass will do.

Class Length: 3-Days, 2.5 hours each Day
Class Option: In-Person & Live-Streamed on Zoom


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